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Are You Ready for 420? We’re Here to Help

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  It’s “the Black Friday of the cannabis industry.” If you’re expecting to be busy – expect to be busier. It’s the one day a year that can make or break a fledgling cannabusiness. Yes, it’s that time once again: 420. The good news is that this year is projected ...

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Moldy Marijuana Could Be Contaminating Your Stash

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Even if your interest in cannabis is purely recreational, you probably enjoy the peace of mind thanks to research supporting its minimal health impacts, even when smoked. But just as easily as you can mistakenly buy a moldy lemon or rotten apple in the produce section of the grocery store, ...

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Cannabinoids Can Now Be Created in a Week Through Bioengineering

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The volatile and rapidly moving cannabis industry presents unique challenges to innovation but that hasn’t slowed Canadian biotech company Hyasynth. Thinking outside the box (and the planter), they’ve devised a ground breaking way of cultivating cannabinoids that doesn’t require growing a plant. Their process also bypasses synthetic chemistry in favor ...

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