Glossary of Common Cannabis Extract Terms

While the process of creating a quality cannabis extract is pure science, there are several different methods and techniques you can take to get to the end result. Some people try one technique, stick with it and perfect it. Others jump around, trying different methods until they find the system ...

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Bring New Meaning to “High Fidelity”


A rapidly relaxing public attitude toward medical marijuana is finding entrepreneurs scrambling for limited medical marijuana dispensary licenses. Among this rush, we’re seeing exceedingly creative approaches to taking advantage of a massive market that’s still in its infancy. In early October of 2015, it became public knowledge that Amoeba Music had ...

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Getting High at Work in the Name of Creativity


In early 2016, news outlets started lighting up with the acknowledgement of a handful of U.S. based companies that allowed, if not outright suggested, getting high on weed at work to help move past creative blocks that hindered productivity. The idea of the artist getting high to chase his or her ...

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Are You Using an Oil Syringe for Your Concentrates?

Are You Using an Oil Syringe for Your Concentrates-feature

If you’re trying to measure out a specific dosage of cannabis oil, no tool works as precisely and easily as an oil syringe. However, negative connotations and fears surrounding syringes often result in people adopting less efficient and thorough means of measuring cannabis oil dosages. Much of this comes down ...

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Why More People Are Turning to Disposable Vape Pens

Vaping has become an extremely popular way to consume cannabis concentrates in recent years. In California, it actually makes up 80 percent of the cannabis concentrate market while vape sales in Colorado are making up 41 percent. Vaping is often the preference of people looking for a clean smoke with ...

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